Profit Calculation
BTC Price (USD)
EB Cost (3 months Contract)(USD)
EB Cost (3 months Contract)(BTC)
Earn Daily Mining(USDC)
Earned 3 months Mining(USDC)

What is EB/GB/TH?
EB - Mine USDC
GB - Mine USDT
THS - Mine Bitcoin

How to get TH and BTC?
you can buy THS from 3 months mining contract and will get 0.000006 btc/TH for current diff

Have any Difficulty increase/decrease?
for USDT, you will get 0.00045USDT/GB/Day
for USDC, you will get 0.00017USDC/EB/Day
for BTC diff will increase/decrease by networks

when will i receive my first payout?
Investors can withdraw every day.

   Move to PSF
How to move from vmf/OTHER?
1. Create account by use same email address on VMF/OTHER
2. Invest 1000EB minimum(cost only 5 USDT)
3. wait for receive btc from VMF/OTHER

- we will move btc(from VMF/OTHER) by 10% of total investment(sum from all user) on PSF montly (order by EB from high>low)

     Invite friend to get bonus Hashrate(EB/GB/TH).
- [Lv1 30%, Lv2:Lv30 0.5%] 2 months

e-Mail : [email protected]